AniMaytion at Tower Theatre

Poster Design


The Story

When Oklahoma's own, Tower Theatre decided to do a month long celebration of animated films it was only natural to plan it for May. Knowing our love of both movies and animation, they generously asked Robot House if we would like to pick a film and host a screening. To our surprise so many of our top choices were already being screened for the event.

Events like this don't happen every day and we asked to be involved in every step of the event, helping promote it on social media, attending all the screenings and post-screening discussions, and creating a series of posters to commemorate AniMaytion.

With such disperate animation styles from the liquid motion of A Scanner Darkly, to the hyper-detailed frames of Akira, we decided the best way to tie the posters together was a unified color palette and unique illustration style. They were a huge hit and we have sold out of multiple runs of each print. Occasionally we have reprints and alternate versions for sale in our store.


Gold Addy Award

Out of Home Media, Poster
District 10 Addy Awards

Gold Addy Award

Out of Home Media, Poster
Local Addy Awards