El Tigre Tacos

Blueprint Process + Collateral

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The Story

Clients often come to us without a specific brand vision, and our process helps ignite their creativity. On rare occasions, a client will come to us with a TON of creative ideas, and it's our job to help refine them into a cohesive brand. That's exactly what happened when the team behind El Tigre Tacos showed up with a deck full of inspiration and hearts full of passion. Not only did “the Tigres” have very clear rules about their food (no warm salsa!), they also did not want a traditional brand with a single logo – they wanted a brand built to allow flexibility and spontaneity. This jump start into the branding conversation was like a shot of adrenaline straight to The Heart, which is step 2 of our BluePrint Process.

Their desire for variety led us to create a suite of logos with complementary design language and a consistent color palette that would work across multiple executions. The core El Tigre logo features a custom "TIGRE" typeface with stylized stripes – a direction inspired by the Tigres’ desire to embrace the literal as seldom as possible in the brand.

If you know us, you know we LOVE to design swag, and El Tigre is our only client to challenge us to incorporate branded yoga pants and panties into our project deliverables.

For reasons beyond our control, El Tigre Tacos never launched as the brick & mortar destination our client envisioned, but it remains one of our favorite collaborations and we take immense pride in the unique, unexpected creative we built with the Tigres.