Brain Survey

This is a robust survey to complete prior to our brainstorming discovery session.
Please take your time and answer thoughtfully.

General Information
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Your Name
At First Glance
When you think of this restaurant concept, what one word immediately comes to mind?
Using one sentence, how would you describe this restaurant to someone completely unfamiliar with the concept?
What details about this restaurant concept do you consider the most unique or special?
In The Marketplace
What overall reputation do you want this restaurant concept to have in the marketplace?
Who would you consider this restaurant concept’s strongest competition? What do they do better than you? What do they offer that you can’t/won’t?
What will this restaurant concept do better than your competitors? What will you offer that they can’t?
How will this restaurant concept be an active part of the community?
List three things you’d like to see this restaurant concept focus on in its mission:
What is your vision for the first year of business?
Your Audience
Describe in detail the most desirable target audience(s) for this restaurant concept’s brand message:
Please list ballpark prices for apps, entrees, cocktails, etc.:
Describe your vision of the perfect environment for our ideal customer when they visit this restaurant concept (sights, sounds, smell, touch, etc.):
Are there certain graphic elements (visual styles, shapes, colors) that you consider specifically relevant to this restaurant brand and why?
What existing brands/businesses do you look to as inspiration? Please explain why in detail. (This list can include similar restaurants, and/or/especially brands in completely different industries.)
If this restaurant concept was a person (real person or fictional character), who would they be and why? Think of their personality, attitude, sense of style, etc.
If you were to create a soundtrack to capture the personality of this restaurant concept, what songs and/or bands would you put on it and why?
List any additional words and phrases that come to mind when you think of this restaurant concept: