Blueprint Process + Video


The Story

“Hillbilly Po’Boys & Oysters” was a great restaurant with a unique menu in an uncommon location, hampered by a clunky name and an unclear message. Through our BluePrint Process, we helped owner Aly Branstetter reveal the heart of this “traditionally untraditional treasure by the tracks.”

We recommended streamlining the name to simply “Hillbilly’s,” and we explored how to fully reveal the brand’s handcrafted, D-I-Y aesthetic. Goodbye oversized, laminated menus! Hello natural elements: wood, metal, glass, and beards. Of course, beards. We decided to “Go Full Hillbilly” and develop a look and feel as original and unexpected as their dishes & drinks

Pre-Roll Video

Hillbilly’s had the opportunity to run a :30 spot online and on TV with a budget too limited to produce a traditional restaurant commercial. So we had to get even more creative. We found the perfect harmonica instrumental and animated our brand platform to the beat. Now the world (or at least Oklahoma City) could see what it means to #GoFullHillbilly!