The Story

When IPS Research approached us to discuss a new website, we came to the shared conclusion that their brand story was not being told across the entirety of their materials and they were the perfect candidate for our BluePrint Process.

They're passionate about their work, and we helped reveal the story that every day IPS is “Discovering Better®.” Their unique approach treats patients better and results in better data for their sponsor companies. This tight-knit group quickly embraced their new brand platform and it easily spread throughout the rest of the company. The launch was such a success that the project paid for itself in less than a month!

The guys at Robot House are exceptionally talented and brought out the best of us. We’ve elevated our professional image and within a week of launch we had a striking ROI.
— Louise Thurman, MD


Working within a very structured timeline, we re-envisioned the entire web experience for IPS Research. The main visitors to the site will be current and potential patients searching for trial opportunities, so we created many easy entry points for patients to get where they need to be, in just one click. The new website has streamlined patient communication, freeing up employees formerly tied up in manual trial registration, and the new brand look and messaging have breathed fresh life into the IPS brand.