Mass Architects

Blueprint Process + Website



Alongside their revitalized web presence, Mass needed a leave-behind piece to give potential clients a peek at their top work. But they didn’t want any run-of-the-mill brochure. They wanted something that recipients would find value in and keep close by – and keep Mass Architects top of mind.

Thus, Mass Architects’s BIG IDEAS idea book was born. Part portfolio piece, part notebook, the BIG IDEAS book combines inspirational images of beautifully-designed Mass projects with a substantial section of graph paper pages for you to reveal your big ideas, all in an easy-to-use spiral-bound booklet. It’s flown off the shelves, and become a must-have item for all who experience the Mass brand.

Web Design

Mass Architects needed help. They had a strong logo mark and a wealth of images displaying their innovative architectural work, but had not developed their brand story or invested in a web presence to share it with the world. Through the BluePrint process we revealed that Mass Architects believes in the power of the Big Idea, and we created a simple, dynamic website to bring their portfolio to life.