A Guide to Your Website

One of the great things about Squarespace is that you’ll be able to manage and maintain your website on your own. To get you started, here are some tips to reference as you get more familiar with your website. If you need support or help, the Squarespace Customer Care team is at the ready 24/7. You can reach out at anytime here.



You can access your site via the Squarespace Login. If you are having log-in or password trouble, go here.


If at any time you want to update your address, change your credit card information, or switch your billing plan, go here.


Squarespace supports multiple contributors and multiple levels of permissions. If you want to give someone access to your website, go here.


If at any time your website performance seems slow or off and you want to read up on troubleshooting advice, go here.

Adding a page

Adding pages is a simple process, whether you want to add a page to call out a new service or add a page to highlight holiday hours. When you’re ready to read up on the detailed instructions, go here.

Images & videos

Having compelling images and videos is a great way to engage visitors to your website. Squarespace makes it easy to add and format a variety of media and file types. For guidance on adding and updating images and video, go here. For any new photo or video content you’d like produced for your website, please email us!

Social media

Having a strong social media presence is a great way to bring traffic to your website. To learn about adding new social media accounts or about pushing more content to your existing social media accounts, go here. And, of course, Robot House is always here to collaborate with you to create fresh, branded social content for your business.


Squarespace makes it easy to keep track of your website’s performance through its Metrics tools. You can monitor website traffic, track popular content, and find out what percentage of visitors are browsing from their phones. To learn more about how to use Metrics tools, go here.

Totally Stumped?

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