Oklahoma Engaged

Logo Design


The Story

Oklahoma Engaged is a public service journalism collaboration of National Public Radio affiliates from around the state that provides citizen-centric, multi-platform election coverage. Through our relationship with KOSU Radio, we were approached to build a visual story for this important effort, and as huge fans of voter education and outreach, we embraced the task with gusto.

We embraced the classic red, white & blue color scheme to create an immediate connection to the civic act of voting, developing a primary palette with a bright pop and a dark blue sub-palette for a strong visual base. The flag elements in the capital “E” were designed to exist as a strong mark that could work separately from the full text. This visual aesthetic has been utilized for materials online as well as physical materials to promote grassroots voter education efforts.

Robot House has a great way when it comes to putting word frosting on a cardboard-tasting subject.
— Kelly Burley