The Blueprint Process

Our Blueprint Process is the collaborative, revealing, and fun method we use with clients to build their story and reveal the soul of their distinct brand.

Are we building a robot?

A robot is a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically. In much the same way, your brand should automatically convey who and what you are to your audience. Or at least get the conversation started. Plus, robots are cool.

1. The Brain

We start off with a robust staff survey and brainstorming discovery session to unveil the history of the brand, the campaign goals, or the current state of the website or project. We address potential challenges with a review to make sure we’re on track and we’re getting into your headspace.

2. The Heart

Then it’s a comprehensive look at the visual history of the brand or project stacked up against contemporaries and rivals. This is our first look at design inspiration like colors, fonts, and imagery, as well as a sprinkling of initial messaging and potential brand personality. For websites this also includes our first look at wire framing and how users will engage with the site.

3. The Guts

The unveiling of the final direction of the brand, campaign, or website. It’s less of a conversation than the previous steps, and more of a presentation, highlighting what’s at a brand or campaign’s core. We tell that story with logo design, identity materials, web design, or a suite of tactical executions to really bring it to life.

4. The Legs

A robot needs legs to get around and this final step is where we execute the deliverables whether that be a website, wearables, or a brand video. This step is where we take the dream of The Guts and make it a reality.

Oil Change

Even the most efficient robot is going to need an oil change every once in awhile. It’s not uncommon for us to have a yearly “check up” with our clients and continue to refine and expand our work. Maybe your website needs a color palette swap to stay fresh, maybe you need a radio campaign to help spread the word of your awesome new brand, or maybe your robot just needs a jetpack to reach new heights, we love to continue our relationships.

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