Sunnyside Diner

Blueprint Process + Website


The Story

Shannon Roper, Camille Roper, and Aly Branstetter had a dream – to open up a new diner concept in the as-yet-undeveloped west end of downtown Oklahoma City. After our successful collaboration with them to elevate the branding of Hillbilly’s, we dove into Sunnyside Diner. Being diner aficionados, this was not a difficult assignment.

We worked with Aly, Shannon, and Camille to bring their vision of Sunnyside to life – creating a winking sun logo mark that’s become a local icon, a hand lettered wordmark to emulate both vintage diner scripts and the smooth curves of neon signage, a suite of diner illustrations used in a striking pattern on print and web, and a provocative theme, “It’s Always Sunday Morning at Sunnyside,” inspired by Shannon’s soundtrack pick of the song “Easy,” (the Faith No More cover of The Commodores classic, to be precise).

A brand is our voice, the first and last impression, the hook, the experience and Robot House takes you through a process that makes your ideas and vision, a tangible brand.
— Ally Cunningham

Web Design

Sunnyside Diner’s breakfast and lunch fare is simple, straightforward, and delicious, so we built a web presence for them that’s simple, straightforward, and filled with delicious imagery of Sunnyside menu items. It’s always fun to make a domain the call to action when possible, so we were pleased to discover the availability of for their web and social presence.


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Gold ADDY Award

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