Sweet Law Firm

Blueprint Process + Video


The Sweet Law Brand Video


The Story

Robot House has been a partner with Sweet Law since it was founded by Kyle Sweet in 2010. Since then, Sweet Law has grown from a four-person medical malpractice defense firm to a 20+ team providing legal services to healthcare, insurance and business clients across the nation from their offices in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Denver.

The one constant in the growth of Sweet Law is their status as a “Trial-Ready Team,” a brand promise developed in collaboration with the firm through our BluePrint Process. We also built simple, powerful graphic standards for the firm that were a seminal resource for the interior design of the firm’s office on Oklahoma City’s historic Automobile Alley.

Robot House has been absolutely vital to our success with services ranging from branding to web presence. They provide a creative vision respectful of my law firm’s model to help me grow my business and increase my national profile.
— Kyle Sweet

Web Design

The attorneys of Sweet Law are the stars of the website, so we developed a web experience that highlights their accomplishments through great location photography and interview videos for a majority of the attorneys on staff. Sweet Law has won raves from their web presence and, most importantly, it has proven to be a reliable deal closer for clients who visit the site and discover Sweet Law’s formidable courtroom strategies and presence.

Brand Video

All courtroom, no drama. That was the vibe as we produced the “Trial-Ready Team” brand video, highlighting Sweet Law’s partners and catching the firm in “war room” action as they prep for their next trial. One benefit of interviewing seasoned litigators is they are natural storytellers, so we had plenty of great content from which to craft the brand story in video form.