The Spy FM

Blueprint Process + Swag


The Story

The Spy is a true Oklahoma original. A 24-hour, commercial free, independent music station, The Spy provides listeners across Oklahoma City and around the world a diverse mix of modern rock, classic alternative, and, most importantly, local music that receives no other airplay. They’re an audio fixture in the Transmission Shared Space studio, and a neighbor to Robot House on Automobile Alley. Plus, we’ve been fans of the station since their days on terrestrial radio in the early 1990s.

So we approached the BluePrint for The Spy with loving care. One of the coolest brands in the state needs a vision and voice to match. We created their wordmark and logo mark to work independently but also in perfect synchronicity with one another. The wordmark takes simple, bold typography and distorts it, much like the bands heard on the station, while the logo mark creates a new eye for The Spy with a vinyl record pupil containing wi-fi-esque blue grooves. Orange has long been The Spy’s signature color, so we maintained it as the focus of the palette, designing a new layout for the iconic Spy Van for strongest visual presence when it’s out on the town providing a unique audio mix to local events.

The Spy truly is “The Independent Sound of Oklahoma,” not only in the music they play, but also in program director Ferris O’Brien’s attitude, and the station’s presence at the center of Oklahoma City’s burgeoning music, art and creative culture.