Tune in Tulsa

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The Story

Established in Stillwater and broadcasting out of their studio in Oklahoma City’s Film Row District, KOSU Radio is heard around the state (and around the world by those who listen online). Wanting to establish a stronger presence in northeastern Oklahoma, they came to Robot House to create a logo for their new radio show “Tune in Tulsa.”

A weekly, hour-long show, where guests share “music and conversation at the intersection of culture, politics, and community,” Tune in Tulsa gave us the opportunity to create a fresh icon that can exist outside of the KOSU or Oklahoma State brand standards. Since this would exist primarily online with some real-world swag applications, we centered it around a distinct mark – the portable radio – and embraced cliché by including the shape of the state of Oklahoma within the design, though treated with enough subtlety that it appears obvious to those in the know but obscure to those who aren’t as familiar as locals.


Silver ADDY Award

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Logo Design