The Robots


Who are we?

We’re Robot House, a nimble creative agency specializing in strategic brand development based in Oklahoma City. We concept, write, design, and produce just about every form of content to help our clients achieve their goals. We pride ourselves on working with a variety of clients and projects from regional craft breweries to pharmaceutical research, and collaborating through our Blueprint Process.

We bring decades of industry experience on successful, award-winning brand campaigns to Robot House so that we can offer our clients a comprehensive suite of creative services from a uniquely efficient and nimble business model.

Our theme song is, "I'll Get You (Do You Like Bass?)" by Classixx, because one time Pandora put it on repeat for what had to be 18 hours. And you know what? We do like bass.


Brian Winkeler

Principal Partner

Brian has over 25 years experience in the advertising and marketing communications industry. He’s the recipient of over 100 bronze, silver, and gold local and district American Advertising Awards. And as the first seven time winner of the prestigious Special Judges Fontana Award for Humor, you could say he’s a pretty funny guy. When he’s not taking his music loving son to see Metallica or his technology loving son to the Apple store, he likes writing comics and catching up on the next great sitcom that’s sure to be canceled.



Adam LeNaire


Starting as a designer in 2010, Adam has added copywriting, production, and watching the P&L to his role at Robot House. He loves seeing a brand come together, especially when it really reflects the spirit of the client and tells the story they’re wanting to tell. Outside of the office he spends time working on music, playing with his dogs, and trying to convince his girlfriend that the Denis Villeneuve Dune will be awesome.



Brett Grimes


Brett has over a decade of experience in design, advertising, and production. He’s a true believer in the power of research informing effective design. And while graphic design is his passion, he also spends his time trying to cook like Anthony Bourdain, building Japanese robot models with his daughter, writing holiday music with Adam, and dabbling in just about every pasttime. You can easily win him over with a nice bottle of sake.





Fresh out of school and passionate about learning new things, Marissa is the newest member of the Robot House team. Her love of problem-solving started when she was young and has only grown with every project she’s been a part of. When Marissa isn’t designing, there’s a good chance she’s celebrating Taco Tuesday with her friends, rewatching New Girl on Netflix, or running after strangers to ask if she can pet their dog.



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