OKC Comedy

Blueprint Process + Swag


The Story

Robot House is the product of 21st century Oklahoma City, and we take our role as brand ambassadors for our community very seriously. So seriously that we relish the opportunity to elevate the look, feel and voice of local institutions like OKC Comedy. The brainchild of Spencer Hicks, BradChad Porter and Cameron Buckholtz, OKC Comedy brings fresh, new, national talent to town, while nurturing local talent and giving them opportunity to grow their audience and hone their skills.

It's hard to find a fresh approach to a visual that’s been done a million times, but in breaking down the elements of “OKC” to an overlapping mark that implies the true “LOL” state of shaking with laughter, we built a new icon for the organization that ties into their core reason for existence – making people laugh. Reducing photography to black & white also established a palette from which the brand can always pop with bold yellow.

We delighted in discovering a new tagline for OKC Comedy: “Come and Get It.” That’s the dual goal of the brand: for people to come, and for people to get it. Since launching the brand, many people have come, and many people have gotten it.